AbdulHD – Twitch GTA RP Streamer & Variety Gamer

Simply put, AbdulHD (real name, Badr) is one of the most recognisable faces in gaming from the Middle East. Without question, he’s a huge statement signing by Colossal Influence. One of the pioneers of Grand Theft Auto Role Play, Badr has built a loyal and significant following on Twitch over the years. In fact, even after taking an extended break to get married and move into a new house in 2022, Badr has already recaptured his previous numbers, and is currently creating some of the best content of his life on his Twitch. 

Badr becomes the fourth GTA RP Twitch streamer signed to Colossal Influence, joining; Lil Cap, Wiked and Sparky.

AbdulHD is in the top 500 streamers in the world according to Twitch Tracker. A number that has sky rocketed since his return to Twitch this year and one that shows no signs of slowing down.

AbdulHD – month streaming stats from Twitch Tracker (22/11/2022)

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