At Colossal Influence, we have a fantastic roster of exclusive creators ready to work on a multitude of campaigns across various fields. However, there are times when the creators we have might not suit a campaign, but that doesn’t mean you have to look elsewhere as we offer an Influencer Marketing Consultancy service.

With unparalleled knowledge of the field, Colossal Influence initially formed as a consultancy who offered Influencer marketing advice to small and large traditional PR firms alike. An increasing number of ‘traditional’ marketing campaigns were looking to expand into the Influencer marketing space, but knowledge of the field was sparse. Instead of hiring a team, which isn’t always viable, or turning the potential new strand of work away, PR firms across the country looked (and still do look) to Colossal Influence to either work alongside their agency or work as an extension of that agency to ensure fantastic results and the best possible returns.

How much does that cost?

We’re extremely versatile and cost-effective when it comes to working out the cost for each role. In some instances, we might charge a day rate to act as an Influencer marketing consultant. In others, there’s the capacity to work to a percentage (no upfront fee). In fact, oftentimes we sign contracts to work on a case by case basis as the sole Influencer marketing provider for the firm or brand, which takes the hassle away from worrying about any stage of the process. In any instance, there’s almost always a solution.

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