Cops Hate Moe – Youtube Social & Political Commentator

It’s not often you find any creator on Youtube who is close to 100k subscribers in under 50 videos. However, such is the quality of Moe’s content that they’ve deservedly amassed this number in such a small number of videos. Cops hate Moe has a super impressive 18% engagement rate across the platform, which is almost unheard of (for reference, the average is 1.7%), which is why they’re a super in-demand creator.

Colossal Influence now have four wonderful video essay content creators on our books. Moe joins, The Queer Kiwi & Tara Mooknee at our influencer agency. We have no doubt we have four of the best creators in small, but highly active sub-section of Youtube.

If you’re not aware of Moe’s content, check out two of their most recent videos; Transmedicalism, an investigation and Why Representation is Important. You can see from these two videos alone the quality and in-depth research that goes into each video essay.

Do you want to work with Cops Hate Moe or find out more about their demographics for your potential campaign? Contact us! If you want to see our other exclusive influencers then check out the page. Remember, we also offer an influencer marketing consultancy for roles that might require other social influencers.

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