These are some of the most common influencer marketing questions we’re asked, but if you have any additional questions please reach out to us on; social@colossalinfluence.com or by using the mail feature below.

We’ve also included some of our Youtube videos from our owner, which explain more about our company and the field.

Do you only work with your exclusive creators?

This ultimately depends on the role. We’ve worked with over 100 different creators across every social platform during our time in Influencer marketing. That shouldn’t go to waste, so while we only work under contract with our exclusive creators we offer a consultancy service where we can use our wider knowledge of the field to help on Influencer marketing roles.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Are you looking to work with more social media creators exclusively?

Click here to find out. If that link is live then we’re accepting new applications. If it’s not then check back or follow our social media platforms (below) to find out when we’re looking again.

What is Influencer Fraud?

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