Influencer Marketing Consultancy – Colossal Influence

At Colossal Influence, we have a fantastic roster of exclusive creators ready to work on a multitude of campaigns. However, there are times when the creators we have might not suit a campaign, but that doesn’t mean you have to look elsewhere. Why not utilise our influencer marketing consultancy service instead?

With unparalleled knowledge of the field, Colossal Influence initially formed as an consultancy. Back in 2012, we were offering advice to small and large traditional PR firms alike. An increasing number of ‘traditional’ marketing campaigns were looking to expand into the Influencer marketing space, but knowledge of the field was sparse. So, instead of hiring a team, or turning the potential new strand of work away, PR firms turned to Colossal Influence to work alongside their agency.

Did you know that Colossal Influence are listed as one of the 18 leading influencer marketing agencies globally by the respected Influencer Marketing Hub? Go over and give our description a read on their site. This is one of our best pieces of earned media (not paid) so it’d be great to show your support!

How much does your Influencer marketing consultancy cost?

Colossal Influence are extremely versatile and cost-effective when it comes to working out our cost. In some instances, we might charge a day rate to work as an influencer marketing consultancy. In others, there’s the capacity to work to a percentage (with no upfront fee). Sometimes we even sign favourable contracts to work as the sole Influencer marketing provider for the firm or brand. That can take the hassle away from worrying about any stage of the process.

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