Influencer Marketing Consultant

At Colossal Influence, as well as our exclusive influencers we also work as an influencer marketing consultant.

With unparalleled knowledge of the field, Colossal Influence initially formed as an consultancy. Back in 2012, our owner was offering advice to small and large traditional PR firms alike for their strategy and even offering training. An increasing number of ‘traditional’ marketing campaigns were looking to expand into the Influencer marketing space, but knowledge of the field was sparse. So, instead of hiring a team, or turning the potential new strand of work away, PR firms turned to Colossal Influence.

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Influencer Marketing Consultant

In what fields do you offer influencer consultancy?

Influencer Agency / Brands

If you want to work beyond our exclusive influence roster then you’re in luck. Over 10 years in the field, Colossal Influence have formed relationships with over 250 creators in the UK. Talent identification is our strong point, and what’s best? We don’t work via other agencies / agents unless we have an agreement for split fees with them, so no double markups. We also work with traditional PR firms for influencer strategy.

Influencer Training Work

Colossal have worked to train traditional PR companies in influencer marketing best practices, strategy, and everything in-between. It’s one of the ways we first broke into the field, so we’re well versed. From in person talks to video calls to presentations and everything in-between, we can help you with a solution. Even companies from other fields who want to understand influencer marketing more work with us.

Keynote/Education Talks

We’ve also recently expanded into keynote and detailed talks at further education institutions. We’ve added this to panels and specialist shows where we’ve spoken before in detail about the field. Speaking in universities about the intricacies of influencer marketing is new, but it seems like a natural progression from what we’ve been doing and something that’d we’ve enjoyed getting involved in.

From short phone calls where we answer key questions that startups may have, to in-depth presentations to a board of directors and everything in-between, our influencer marketing consultancy service is second to none.

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