Throughout the years, influencer merch has proven to be one of the best ways for fans to show support to a creator. In fact, Influencer merch in our eyes offers the perfect solution. Influencers can offer a product at low cost, and fans can support their favourite creators and receive something tangible.

However, the current influencer merch solutions all have a number of pitfalls:

In-house merch solutions are so expensive to setup and run that they can only be offered by the elite few. Even then, costs to setup and continue that operation might not be viable in the long-term.

A large majority of drop shippers are littered with issues. Many aren’t Western based. So there’s potential customer service issues, stock shortages, high mark-ups, fees for setup, and astronomical shipping times, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Then, even the UK based dropshipping operations are sometimes flawed. What about shipping costs on international orders? How long will they take to deliver abroad? Does that UK solution have all the equipment required to match demand for multiple stores at once?

So, with the above in mind, Colossal Influence have signed a partnership with who we feel will be the leading influencer merch provider in the UK from 2021.

Influencer Merch Provider Benefits

A UK Based Operation

Fully Owned Logistics

A team of designers

Intellectual Properties

Not only are the main offices and warehouse for this company based in the UK, they also have 20 hubs globally. That means if you have demand abroad they can potentially offer a domestic shipping solution.

The wider company already own all their logistical solutions. That means shipping is quick, easy and low-cost. No external provider required. Their ‘new’ operation slots nicely into their previous operations.

One of the costs that often gets overlooked when an influencer decides to release merch is design. Merch design can cost a lot to commission, but our solution have an in-house, fully professional design team.

Our merch provider owns the right to print well over 250 intellectual properties alongside your own designs. Did you know that printing these licenses without permission could see your operation in hot water?

Even More Influencer Merch Benefits!

The benefits of Dropshipping

A whole lot of experience in the ranks

A wide range of products across the board

The lowest of costs for everyone

We mentioned the potential pitfalls of dropshipping, but there are a number of benefits as well. Dropshipping allows the experts to take care of everything and leave you to worry about your specialist areas. You have full access to everything you need, but a fully qualified team handles the operation.

Influencer merch may be a ‘new’ venture for this company in 2021, but they already manage a large number of established merch solutions. Plus, they’ve hired the very best team. From ex CEO’s of established merch companies to the very best account managers all bases are covered by the operation.

How many influencer merch providers do you know who can provide a custom range of headphones, beach towels, pet accessories or customised tables? Don’t worry, there’s pages of clothing as well from tees and hoodies to custom denim jackets, specialist wear, and quite literally everything in-between.

We understand that price is usually the deciding factor. So, with a UK base, owned logistics, huge backing from one of the biggest operations in the UK, a fantastic team, world-class designers and a huge range of products, you’re expecting huge costs, right? Wrong. Owning the operation means costs are kept low.


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