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At Colossal Influence we are able to offer such a high standard as an influencer talent agent because our roster is smaller so we can micro-manage influencer growth and campaign work. However, if you’re reading this right now, we are considering adding one or two influencers to our roster. If you want to find out the benefits to working with us as an influencer talent agent, minus asking the question “how to get brand deals’, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE; THIS IS ONLY FOR EXCLUSIVE TALENT MANAGEMENT ONLY. We’re no longer working with creators on a non-exclusive basis.

It’s imperative you only apply if you meet the following criteria, but also reach out using our normal contact form if you have any questions about what we can offer as a talent manager:

Must be 18 or over.

Must have over 50,000+ followers on a single platform where you create face to camera video content.

You must post regularly.

You can not be under exclusive talent management elsewhere for social media work unless that is coming to an end and you want to talk about your options.

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Those are the only non-negotiable elements we look for in applications, but to be 100% clear they’re not the only points we explore. Here are the additional points we look at in depth when deciding if we can work with a creator:

Engagement rate – we pride ourselves on our creators with high engagement rates. Engagement on social media is paramount.

Demographics – we’re a UK based agency, but we do pitch for global campaigns.

These are just some of the points we look at when considering applications. If you meet all the initial criteria and you do apply, but we don’t think it’d be suitable for us to work together we will explain why in a follow up email.

Still want to apply?

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