James Daniels – Entertainment Content Creator

James Daniels, aka the esteemed Grime Artist Drilla J, is without question one of the most talented sketch comics on YouTube. The effort in his work, even on short videos, is exemplary, which is why he’s managed to amass over 460,000 subscribers in fewer than 35 videos.

Imagine the talent it requires to create a parody Grime Artist, release one song without a record label and bang 1.5m listens. Then take into account that only one of his last 17 videos has fewer views than his number of subscribers and you’ll see why brands love working with him.

With a significant UK audience in the male 18-24 demographic, and limited brand work on all of his platforms, James is without question one of the best creators to work with on campaigns requiring those demos who are not afraid to be involved with a video that might not be quite PG.

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