Jay Aitch – Twitch GTA RP Streamer & Musician

Jay Aitch, maybe better known under his GTA No Pixel RP alias Lil Cap, is a really exciting signing for Colossal Influence. Jay is our first creator who is predominately a Twitch streamer, but that’s really only where the story starts for this young prodigy.

At such a young age, Jay has not only amassed close to 30,000 followers on Twitch, but an astounding 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify under his Lil Cap profile. This is in addition to the thousands of plays he receives daily on GTA No Pixel. His tunes can be heard throughout Los Santos via any in-game radio. Given hundreds of high-profile streamers with thousands of viewers regularly stream their experience it’s impossible to tell his true reach.

What’s next for Jay? Only time will tell. Being part of the GTA No Pixel landscape offers limitless opportunities every time he logs on to the server, but it’s his talent that will take him to the next level, and that’s what is most exciting.

Do you want to work with Jay or find out more about his demographics for your potential campaign? Contact us! If you want to see our other exclusive influencers then check out the page. Remember, we also offer an influencer marketing consultancy for roles that might require other social influencers.

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