Jerome Rufin – Youtube Golf Channel

It’s fascinating to see a creator START their channel like they’re working on a high-profile Netflix documentary with the editing and production to match. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below. Yes, Jerome Rufin has given up his high-profile job to become a scratch golfer and content creator and the stakes quite literally could not be higher and we’re glad he’s now working with Colossal Influence to allow him to reach his goals on social media.

In seven months, not only has Jerome developed his Youtube to just shy of 50k subscribers, but he’s also built out a Tik Tok to the same level and an Instagram to roughly half that total. Those are significantly impressive numbers for somebody just several months into their content creation ‘journey’.

Jerome has ambitions to become a significant creator in the Youtube space, and this series is unquestionably leading him in that direction. However, he’s looking for the right partners, so please reach out.

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