Jordan Theresa – Social And Political Youtuber

Jordan Theresa has had an outstanding few years on YouTube and things are only improving. Her commentary work has been widely praised by her audience as she delves into hot topic subjects in depth.

With the majority of videos coming in at over 30 minutes, Jordan’s like to dislike ratio and engagement is extraordinary, making Jordan’s channel ideal for brand integration.

With a heavy female demographic, Jordan isn’t afraid to tackle subjects others wouldn’t dare go near online. Her in depth and heavily scripted videos have seen a number of universities reach out to ask her to do talks for a number of subjects.

Jordan’s Social Blade page reads just as well as a Youtuber five times her size, which is why companies like Dell have worked with her on branded content. On top of that, her Instagram, which currently has an engagement average of over 20% is growing by the day. To put that in perspective, the average engagement for an account of her following is usually about 3.4%.

Despite the fact Jordan started her YouTube channel in 2012, she’s only been creating long form social and political commentary videos for the last year. It’s safe to say she’s found her niche. Since making the switch, Jordan has seen a huge growth in subscribers and fans on YouTube.

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