Onlyfans influencers moving away from NSFW content?

Despite a reported net revenue of $2.5b in 2022 alone and with the site taking 20%, Onlyfans continues to try and find Onlyfans influencers creating alternative content AWAY from adult content, but why?

You’ll know about Onlyfans, so I’ll keep this part short. In 2016 it was setup as a content paywall site, much like Patreon. In 2018, Leonid Radvinsky, owner MyFreeCams acquired 75% ownership of the umbrella company that owned Onlyfans; Fenix International Limited.

That’s a real short summary, but that’s where it is now. It got there with investment. The aforementioned partnership with MyFreeCams & Patreon cracking down on not safe for work (NSFW) content in the same year Radvinsky invested in Fenix International Limited.

In the coming years it grew exponentially. From 8 million users in Nov 2019 to a reported 200m in Aug 2022.


  • Pop culture references.
  • Lockdowns.
  • More lockdowns.
  • Celebrity accounts.
  • The need to make money (due to the pandemic) & the demand to see NSFW content.

For some years Onlyfans influencers partnership team have continued to seek creators away from NSFW content, with Colossal Influence receiving multiple emails from Onlyfans VIPs Account Managers to sign non-SW (sex work) creators we work with.

In fact, we have emails dating back to the middle of 2020.

The turning point for Onlyfans

In Aug 2021 everything was thrown into jeopardy.

Onlyfans announced that from October 2021 it would not allow NSFW content & even created significant new Terms of Service, but why?

Several reasons, but CEO Tim Stokely said it was due to withdrawn support from banks meaning transactions were being flagged & rejected. This didn’t go down well.

Sex workers who used the platform fought back because their livelihoods would be impacted. Those who consumed did the same. It was a huge deal. Six days after the initial announcement it was reversed.

Was it the pushback, or was it because a solution been found?

At that time, the company said it must evolve its content guidelines “to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform” & to continue hosting an inclusive community of creators and fans.

This is where I expect we may find the motives for the supposed ‘move away’ from NSFW.
In my opinion, it’s not about forcing a move away from adult content, but moving to diversify content strands, which will continue to keep banking partners happy plus allow for growth.

This is why you’ll see this content from boxing heavyweight Derek Chisora appear from time to time.

Evolve or get left behind.

Plus, business right? A majority are aware if you’re going to put NSFW content behind a paywall that Onlyfans is the primary solution. However, not a lot of people know that non-SW content is not only welcomed, but being sought out if the creator has an audience under favourable terms.

CEO Ami Gan has also recently confirmed that adult content will still have a home on the site in five years despite previous worries.

However, I expect the push to bring in non adult creators will only increase & why shouldn’t it?

Evolve or get left behind.

Of course, if you’re a content creator with a decent audience who might benefit, contact us today!

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