Saoirse Behzadi – Lifestyle Instagrammer

Saoirse Behzadi is one of the most unique content creators we’ve ever worked with at Colossal Influence. Her Youtube account has grown a significant following with just two videos on the channel, and her Instagram has over 100,000 followers with a Colossal (pardon the pun) engagement rate.

Unique is just about the perfect way to sum up Saoirse. She has a very dedicated following, but is still very much in the infancy of her social media ‘journey’. Saoirse has the capacity to emulate the numbers she’s already produced with any video she creates. Even on her Instagram Live streams, her infectious personality is easily seen.

Saoirse is an avid poet, and she often displays her work on her Instagram. However, where she takes her content from here only she knows. One thing is for sure, it’ll be a fascinating journey to watch and I look forward to seeing it.

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