Slope’s Game Room – Retro Gaming Content Creator

Slope’s Game Room is the home of Kickstarter scams/fails and Retro Gaming, that’s a winning combination in the eyes of Colossal Influence and the subscribers!

Slope’s, AKA DJ Slope, Aka Dan is a fantastic creator who has been creating a steady stream of content for several years now and his view and subscriber graphs are only moving up! His connection with his core audience is outstanding, which makes for a great engagement rate.

Dan’s lively and energetic personality shines through on every one of his wonderfully edited videos. As he’s managed to maintain such a high standard of content over so many years, Daniel has a strong like to dislike ratio across the board on his channel. As we know, high like/dislike ratios mean great engagement.

Want to find out more about Dan? Why not check out his Wikitubia page or check out one of his latest videos below:

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