Sparky – Twitch GTA RP Streamer & Musician

Sparky, known as such due to his GTA RP Alias, Sparky Kane, is a relatively new creator to social media, but is somehow already an established presence. It’s almost unheard of that a creator can continue to hold over 5% of their entire following as an average on every live, and that’s why we’re super excited to welcome Sparky to Colossal Influence!

It doesn’t start and end with Twitch though, Sparky is a hugely talented musical artist, much like his GTA and Colossal peers; Lil Cap and Wiked. Sparky’s Spotify and Soundcloud profiles continues to grow as each day passes.

Sparky currently sits just outside the top 1,000 Twitch streamers on the platform according to Twitch Tracker. That is an unreal achievement given he didn’t even have a Twitch account before September 2020. To make that jump in just a couple of years to the position he is in now is remarkable, and the reality is it’s just the start.

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