Tara Mooknee – Youtube Social Commentator

It’s not often a creator comes on to Youtube and has as big of an impact as Tara Mooknee. With just a handful of videos since her start at the end of 2019, Tara has gained a significant number of subscribers in a short space of time, which means her engagement is significantly higher than other Youtubers her size.

The rise of the ‘Video Essay’ content creator in the past two years has been significant and Tara has very quickly found her place as one of the very best on the platform. Originally starting with shorter form videos, Tara is now most at home when creating longer form content (20+ minutes).

Recent videos on the media’s obsession with the Royal Family and Virtue Signalling vs Vice Signalling have gone down really well. Oftentimes with ‘opinion’ based pieces there can be strong opposition, but Tara manages to maintain a very high like to dislike ratio in keeping with those who create non-opinion pieces. This speaks volumes of her ability to create a piece of video content to which people really pay attention.

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