The Asher Show – Youtube Commentary Channel

We’ve got absolutely no doubt that The Asher Show will be on a million Youtube subscribers in no time at all. His growth in the last 18 months has been astounding and it shows no sign of slowing down. With over 75 million views in under 350 videos, Asher continues to create quality content regularly.

Asher is the first Canadian content creator signed to Colossal Influence, and he hopefully won’t be the last. However, his audience demographics are primarily US and UK, much like most commentary channels on Youtube. He also has a fantastic 82%, 18–44-year-old demographics.

Not only does Asher have a fantastic Youtube channel, but a brilliant Tik Tok as well. We’re looking forward to seeing how that continues to grow in the coming months and years. Make sure you check out all his social profiles below.

Make sure you take the time to watch his Meet The Russian Mr. Beast Copy video, which can be found below.

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