The Queer Kiwi – Youtube Social & Political Commentator

The Queer Kiwi has a mini bio that reads “Sometimes funny, always angry. very gay.” It goes some way to showing you her humour. This style resonates throughout her in-depth social and political commentary videos. Savannah has amassed a significant subscriber base since her first upload in the middle of 2019.

The Queer Kiwi is one of only a few successful ‘breakout’ video-essay Youtubers or commentary content creators in the social space. Alongside, Cops Hate Moe & Tara Mooknee the rise of this progressive movement is headed up by some of the very best on Youtube. On top of her video content, The Queer Kiwi is a very promising musician and you can check out her Spotify profile here. New music may be coming soon, if we ask nicely enough! Her music is fantastic, and hopefully she has some more time to write in the near future.

The Queer Kiwi

The Queer Kiwi – Video Examples

Video subjects can range from LGBTQ+ representation to mental health and everything in-between. Videos like the conservative queers of Tik Tok & sir, that’s not how women work are among 2 of her best. We’re really looking forward to seeing where this next year takes The Queer Kiwi so make sure you follow along.

If you’re looking for an entertaining view on what it’s like to be queer (as in not straight) & a Kiwi (as in New Zealander), be sure to subscribe. Also, make sure you look our for collaborations with other creators on her videos like this with Ethan is Online.

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