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Despite forming officially in 2016, Colossal Influence, via owner Kristian Sturt, brokered our first brand deal in 2012 starting Colossal Influence as a UK influencer marketing agency.

Kristian, who at the time was working as a football journalist and content writer, had developed a significant Twitter audience. His larger accounts; FootieWriter and WATNCelebrity started to see brand outreach, and so started in its earliest form, Colossal Influence.

Kristian went on to form friendships with social creators across all different platforms at meetups, events, and content shoots.

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Kristian – playing in goal at the Emirates with Citroen

The Birth of the Influencer Talent Agency – Colossal Influence

In 2012, influencer marketing via social creators was only a few years old. A plethora of mistakes were made on all sides because this was a new industry. A lot of people who didn’t have huge audiences suddenly had them. Brands wanted to leverage these numbers in the key 18-24 demographic. However, neither side, through any fault of their own had any the experience, which lead to a huge disconnect.

Creators knew how to create great content. Brands knew how to work on more traditional forms of marketing. However, neither knew how to work together properly. There was a huge gap in the market to fill. With a background in digital marketing, content, finance and business, Kristian felt like making the transition to influencer agent made the most sense logically.

Between that time and today, Kristian:

  • Was named as one of the 30 under 30 to watch by the Sports Industry Next Gen Awards
  • Systemically learnt how to build and develop social accounts. As well as a Twitter audience totalling over 1.5m (with verified accounts), Kristian has developed Instagram projects above 50k followers, Youtube accounts to over 100k subscribers and has built a Twitch audience of 6,500 (partnered).
  • Signed an official partnership with one of the world’s largest merch companies Represent.com – as an influencer talent consultant.
  • Lead Colossal to be named as one of the 15 leading influencer agencies by Influencer Marketing Hub.
  • Formed great relationships with some of the biggest creators in the UK and the US. Honestly, although the above may seem more impressive, this is one of our greatest achievements.

UK Influencer Marketing Agency – Colossal Influence in 2022

10 years on from that first brand deal, Colossal Influence via Kristian and a team of freelancers, work with an exclusive influencer roster. They continue to work with PR firms and brands as an influencer marketing consultant and with over 200 other creators on a non-exclusive basis. From detailed influencer marketing strategy to one off influencer brand deals and everything in-between, Colossal Influence has become a hub for influencer marketing.

Influencer Brands
In December 2022, Colossal have worked with over 200 different creators across over 150 brands. Above are just a few of the brands we’ve worked with.

To work with Colossal Influence, a leading influencer marketing agency, please reach out to us via our socials below or via our contact us page.

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