Ollie Dixon – Sports & Gaming Content Creator

Ollie Dixon is a fantastic, charismatic and brilliantly witty content creator who has been part of the Youtube world probably longer than he cares to admit. Having worked closely with a plethora of Youtubers, including his cousin, Chris MD (Chris Dixon), Ollie is now ready to take his own Youtube journey to the next level, and his last lot of videos really prove that his experience in the field is going to hold him in great stead.

Ollie has created some great content to date, with his content moving somewhat towards a general entertainment focus in his last several videos, but those goalkeeper gloves are never too far away! In reality, many of Ollie’s following would watch him with whatever niche he chooses, and that’s always great for continued viewership and engagement. This is why Colossal Influence are so excited to work with him going forward.

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