Why should I sign with Influencer Management Agency Colossal Influence?

If you’re a social media influencer with a large audience there’s a number of influencer management choices you can take and signing with an influencer talent agent / Influencer marketing agency is one of them.

There’s a plethora of reasons why working with a talent agency over other options is beneficial and why working with Colossal Influence over other talent agencies might be the right move for you. So, if you’ve been searching ‘how to get brand deals‘ in Google, give this a read!

Why should I work with a good talent manager?

  • Talent agents should never charge a fee to manage you or charge you a percentage of your ad revenue from your platforms. They should only charge you for work they secure. Unfortunately, with some agencies / Multi Channel Networks this is not the case.

  • It’s a talent agents’ job to understand; contract negotiation, brand sourcing, the right prices to charge, networking, how to secure the right role, and a myriad of other points. If you’re a social creator, it’s likely those either aren’t your specialist areas or even areas you’re interested in working on. Creators want to create content, but also ensure they’re not missing out. A good talent manager allows that.

  • Business email extension. This isn’t a big point, but if you’re working with the right talent agency a @colossalinfluence.com extension looks far more professional than a Hotmail or Gmail extension. Studies have proven repeatedly that gmail and hotmail extensions for business are really damaging. In fact, even if you don’t sign with Colossal buy a business domain and register a professional email extension.

  • An influencer talent agent should be asking you what vision do you want to work on & what brands do you want to work with and then have the connections and the skills to pitch your vision to them.

Why should I work with Colossal Influence as my influencer management company?

  • Colossal Influence work with a smaller influencer roster on an exclusive basis for close personal management.

  • Our head of influencer marketing – Kristian Sturt, will always be the creators central point of contact. He will also always be the one that negotiates any deals between brands and creators unlike other influencer marketing companies.

  • Colossal Influence work on a sliding percentage scale for social media brand work, from 0% to 20%. If you have an on-going deal that you’ve signed with a company before you signed with us we don’t expect to be part of that deal. If that deal rolls over and nothing changes we still won’t expect to be part of that deal. However, if we find the role, assign the talent and work on a strategy for implementation with the creator or the brand, that will require a lot more time and as a result we may charge 20%. We will always make this clear to you for every role.

  • Our owner, Kristian Sturt, negotiated his first brand deal in 2012 as a freelancer. He then went on, as part of his web-content company; Colossal Content to work alongside PR firms on their Influencer strategy from mid 2014. Colossal Influence was born as a standalone Influencer management company and Talent Agency in August 2016. In a field still considered to be in its infancy, having that many years of experience is a rarity.

  • We’ve worked with over 300 brands and over 200 creators since officially forming in 2016. That means we have contacts ready to reach out to if you sign with us.

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Finally, if you’re currently working with an influencer talent agent read that linked page. What are your influencer talent agency doing for you and can we do better?

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