How To Get A Brand Deal?

Is there anything more ‘on-trend’ right now than being an influencer? It’s what many people aspire to be, and it’s easy to see why when you consider the status and multiple revenue streams on offer. Over time, how an influencer makes money has changed. Now, more than ever, the term “how to get a brand deal” is as popular as it has ever been.

Before getting ahead of yourself, first put yourself in the shoes of the decision makers of the brand. Are you ready to front a digital campaign for a leading brand? If not, why not? Make yourself marketable as an influencer. If that goes against your core values, then the likelihood is that you’re barking up the wrong tree anyway.

Engagement is everything these days, and thankfully, this is something you, can work on improving. The trick is to make sure you and the platforms you operate on are investable. A brand is looking for the best person for the job and if your engagement is low, that’s a red flag.

How to get a brand deal – Colossal Influence Limited

Finding reputable influencer marketing agencies like Colossal Influence will also help you on your quest because they have the contacts. Companies will often reach out directly to agencies with briefs to fill, and they connect the talent. If you have that working relationship already in place, there is more chance of you getting the gig. If you’re not sure if you’re suitable, check out our influencers – work with us page or send us a message on the Colossal Influence Twitter.

Influencer Talent Agency

Having a talent manager who works on your behalf is never a bad thing. Long gone is the myth that a third party in a deal is a party that doesn’t need to be involved. They are working to serve your best interests and can offer great insight into where you need to improve to yield more success plus, they have the contacts and manage everything brand deal related, saving you time.

If you’re an influencer, you can’t expect to Google “how to get brand deals” because that’s not enough. You must put yourself out there, make sure you’re a person brands can align with, and work to hit the numbers that make you investable.

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