The Top 6 Influencer Marketing News Sources

Keeping up to date with Influencer marketing news is super important. It’s a super fast moving industry with a plethora of changes happening every day. As we mention a lot at Colossal, influencer marketing as we know it remains well in its infancy, so if you’re involved in or around the scene then making sure you keep up to date is imperative.

In this short guide we will explore (in no particular order) the top 6 influencer marketing news websites that you should follow online.

1) Rex Opportunity

If you open Rex Opportunity you might wonder what I’m talking about because nothing on the site even suggests they’re a news source, but scroll down and sign up to their newsletter. You won’t regret it. Every day I receive three news stories on influencer marketing right to my inbox packaged in with other helpful industry news.

2)The Advertising Standards Authority and Committee of Advertising Practice

Once again, not a site you might expect to find on this list, but potentially the single most important one you should periodically check. As mentioned, this industry is in its infancy and so changes to best practice happen all the time. Just a few days back from us drafting this article the CAP news site detailed a helpful guide on pet influencers and they do these types of articles alongside news stories multiple times a week.

influencer marketing news
CAP Website

3) Talking Influence

Talking Influence offers a great balance between news and opinion pieces from a number of skilled writers. This site is ideal if you’re involved in influencer marketing and UK based as it covers events in the country and even lists influencer marketing jobs nationally as well. It’s a great ‘one stop shop’ for news.

4) The Drum

If you work in marketing, the likelihood is you’ve heard of The Drum. As such, it’s no surprise their influencer marketing news section is on this list. The news articles are somewhat sporadic, but they’re short and easy to digest, which is important for a quick breakdown. There’s also a lot of focus around influencer marketing with detailed sections on modern marketing and creativity in marketing.

5) Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub is a favourite of mine for a number of reasons away from their news specifically. However, their articles on influencer marketing news are unsurprisingly world-class. The mixture of helpful guides and news is perfect for all levels of those in influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Hub

6) Colossal Influence

Sorry, we had to really. Colossal Influence is working on becoming a leading influencer marketing news source and so we’d be stupid not to include us here. Directly below you can find out social media links where we post a lot about influencer marketing. On top of that our news section is currently being updated a few times a week.

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