Why Should You Work With An Influencer Agency?

Video Transcription

There are a multitude of benefits regardless of whether you’re a brand or an influencer to why you should work with an influencer agency. Influencer marketing is unlike traditional PR, it’s unlike other forms of marketing in that there are dozens of rules that don’t apply to those fields that really do apply to influencer marketing. Some influencers aren’t aware of them; some brands aren’t aware of them; a marketing agency will be.

An Influencer marketing agency will hand pick talent to deliver to you and give you reasons why that talent is best suited. Working via an agency means that you’re not going to get any conflicts of them working with other brands, or if there is conflict you will be informed about it.

Get Targeted creators not random influencers – Colossal Influence

You also be put forward names that really suit what’s going on, that means engagement is higher and conversions are higher. If you’re looking at picking, an influencer and you’re not specialized in influencer marketing, then it would be like me trying to do the job that you’re trying. We have expert and expertise in our field, and we don’t have expertise in your field, why would you then try and pick someone who you don’t know, or you haven’t had any previous relationship with. Going along that route is extremely dangerous because what people tend to find is that they don’t get the engagement or the interaction that they need to validate the spend that they’re putting out.

Work with an Influencer Agency and avoid Influencer Fraud

Another thing is, and we’ll deep dive into this in more information down the line on another video is influencer fraud. A lot of people have seen the value in influencer marketing, and they’ve seen the potential campaigns that they can get involved with, and they’re being deceptive and devious. What is that? What is influencer fraud? Well influencer fraud is where somebody buys a following, they buy the engagement, and they can’t buy the end result. So, they go to brands, and they say our following is six hundred thousand followers, we specialize in entertainment, we want to promote your brand for x price. and a brand will go that all looks justified.

The followers are usually coming over a time, so it might be like a six hundred thousand following in one day from zero. So, they manipulate the market to make it seem like they are just like a normal influencer, but with all fake purchased bots. But that fake can never be carried over to the end goal which is to sell or to influence a market. You can’t influence a market that’s not there. And influencer fraud is apparently now a billion-dollar issue to the influencer agency and marketing in new media.

Experience in influencer marketing

If you work via an influencer agency, they tend, speaking from our experience, only to work with people that they’ve known for years so they know or have seen their following build up over that time. They track their influences movements, spotting key issues in influencer fraud that an untrained eye wouldn’t be able to see, that somebody with years of experience, like myself or plenty of other influencer agencies out there can spot almost instantly. There are various things which I might look at in a video later on that will stop you from seeing bad results at the end. Because what happens is, a campaign can be carried out payment can be made, and a brand might see no conversions which is the most important thing. If you’re not looking to raise awareness but you’re looking to sell, having those sales at the end it is imperative.

Why Influencers Should Work With An Influencer Agency

And if you’re an influencer working with an influencer agency is paramount. For a start many influencers- I don’t know if you are watching this but many influences tend to be very young, which means as a general rule, just by number’s sake that you lack experience in business and finance and contracts and negotiation and presenting yourself to brands, and an influencer agency can be the middle person to do all of that for you to get you a fair price, to make sure if you’re working with a brand, that the brand and yourself get the best results to scope your image onto the brand’s idea.

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