Why Should You Work With An Influencer Agency?

Video Transcription (edited in places for clarity)

Why Work With An Influencer Agency

There are a multitude of benefits regardless of whether you’re a brand or an influencer as to why you should work with an influencer agency. Influencer marketing is unlike other forms of marketing in that there are dozens of rules that don’t apply. Some influencers aren’t aware of them; some brands aren’t aware of them, and a specialist influencer marketing agency will be.

An Influencer marketing agency will hand pick talent and give you reasons why that talent is best suited. Working via an agency means that you’re not going to get be informed about conflicts of them working with other brands before you start.

Get Targeted creators not random influencers

You will also be put forward names that really suit your campaign. That means engagement and conversions should be higher. If you’re looking at picking an influencer and you’re not a specialist, then it would be like me trying to do your job. We have expertise in our field, and we don’t have expertise in your field. Trying to find suitable creators as somebody who isn’t an expert is dangerous because you can fail before you even start, and the problem is you won’t find out until the end.

Work with an Influencer Agency and avoid Influencer Fraud

Another thing is, influencer fraud. A lot of people have seen the value in influencer marketing, and they’ve seen the potential campaigns that they can get involved with, and they’re being deceptive for monetary gain.

What is influencer fraud? Well influencer fraud is where somebody buys a following, they buy the engagement, but they can’t buy the result. So, they go to brands, and they say our following is (for example) six hundred thousand followers, we specialize in entertainment, we want to promote your brand for x price. A novice may not see potentially obvious signs of fraud.

These faux ‘influencers’ manipulate the market to make it seem like they are just part of the crowd. That fake following will never deliver the end goal or will deliver a false result. You can’t influence a market that’s not there.

Experience in influencer marketing

If you work via an influencer agency, they only to work with people that they’ve known for a long time.

They track their movements, spotting key issues in influencer fraud that an untrained eye wouldn’t be able to see. There are various things which I might look at in a video later that will stop you from seeing bad results. What happens is, a campaign can be carried out, payment made, and then no conversions. If you’re not looking to raise awareness but you’re looking to sell, having those sales at the end is imperative.

Why Influencers Should Work with An Influencer Agency

If you’re an influencer working with an influencer agency is paramount. For a start, many influencers tend to be younger, which means, there’s often a lack of business experience. That includes presenting yourself to brands, finances, taxes, and general day to day business. An influencer agency can be the company to handle that, they can get you a fair price, and can make sure you deliver the best results.

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