What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing – Edited Transcription

Hello, I’m Kristian from Colossal Influence. I’m the head of influencer marketing. Now this may be simple, but some people still don’t know what influencer marketing is, and what it can bring. And we’re going to do a series of videos where we talk about influencer marketing in detail.

Influencer marketing is really a hybrid of traditional PR and marketing on print and television. Then taking that and utilizing social media audiences that influencers have built up themselves over time online on; Twitter, Instagram Facebook, YouTube, any social media platform.

Social media influencer marketing – Colossal Influence

It’s a collaboration between a brand and what they can offer, and the influencer and what they can offer.

The difference is that anyone can be an influencer. It depends what scale you look at it on, but me talking to you now could be influencing your viewpoint. So, by definition, really anyone that picks up a camera or tweets or talks to somebody even in a one-on-one situation they are involved in influencer marketing. But really the definition is where it separates itself. What that definition comes down to is a niche.

So, for example, if we’re looking at a really, really hyper targeted niche of a store opening in Surrey that sells golf equipment to kids or kids that are just looking to get into golf, that’s a really hyper targeted market, and somebody that had 500 followers, a couple hundred followers, targeting that specific market would be an influencer in that field. Whereas if we were to go further out and look at gaming in general or entertainment in general, an influencer then has to have a much larger following with great interaction to make an impact on that market. So, it really comes down to the influencer and what field they’re working with as to who can be defined as an influencer.

Social media influencer agency – Colossal Influence

There are many different types of levels of influencer; nano; micro and bigger beyond that. But, there are differing opinions on who becomes an influencer for us generally at colossal, as I say it depends ultimately on the campaign, but we tend to look at those with an audience of ten thousand on a single platform or over to be considered an influencer.

We have worked with accounts that have just a couple of thousand, some accounts with a thousand followers on very hyper specific football-based content and entertainment-based content as well. Of course, those audiences go the whole way up to millions of followers and this is where the value of influencer marketing comes in. Not really in the follower number as we will explore in different videos, but more and so their interaction and their engagement and their influence on their potential audience.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video on influencer marketing. If you have any questions at all about influencer marketing, you can comment here, and we’ll get back to you. You can also email us on social@colossalinfluence.com. You can follow us over on Twitter @colossalsocial or on Instagram at Colossal Influence. We appreciate you taking the time to watch this video. I’ve been Kristian. As always have a great day, bye.

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