What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing – Edited Transcription For Clarity

If your goal is to target a young audience and you’re involved in marketing, you’ll already know the value of an influencer, and therefore, the value of an influencer agency. Influencers are often now the go-to if you want to get the word out about your brand because their reach can be significant and their reputation, when you pick the right creator, can match perfectly.

Recruiting influencers isn’t as easy as emailing them and waiting for a reply. We’ve worked with influencers who receive a few dozen enquiries a day, as a result, roles can be missed if you’re emailing talent who are self-managed. Plus, are you even emailing the perfect influencer for your role? Recruiting the right influencer agency to micromanage your influencer identification and contract negotiation is a smart move.

Influencer identification is without question the most important part of influencer marketing. You can have the perfect campaign, ideal timing, right product & the budget, but what if you choose the wrong person?

Why Should a Brand Get an External Influencer Marketing Agency Involved?

When you use an influencer agency, your brand retains control of the process, but lets the agency battle the intricate details because that’s their specialist area.

It’s pointless shelling out for an influencer if the brand’s demographics do not align. These are the potential pitfalls an influencer marketing agency will avoid with every campaign.

As a brand you won’t be going in cold when working with an influencer if you’re going via an agency. There will already be an established relationship, which means things will move quicker. In fact, things will just move. In a large majority of cases cold contact doesn’t work. Plus, if there’s a long-standing relationship in place the chances are the standard of work will be higher.

Influencer marketing agencies like Colossal Influence offer a cost-effective way to connect a brand with the right talent. They can save you money and increase return on investment. In fact, our owner, as an influencer himself has a background in influencer marketing. Therefore, a second set of specialist eyes on every project.

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