Why Choose Influencer Marketing?

Should Brands and PR Firms invest in Influencer Marketing?

Colossal Influence is a UK Influencer marketing agency headed up by an Influencer with a background in business.

We handpick our social media creators. Colossal Influence were fans of these Influencers before working with them. We not only understand their content, but also in which fields they flourish.

Our team is fully aware of the latest CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) and ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) rules. We make sure our Influencers work within their guidelines. We make it our goal to follow these rules because failure to do so could see campaign withdrawals or even hefty fines.

Colossal Influence are not a converted PR agency. Our owner has been involved in this field since 2012 because this field is his passion. Influencer, traditional and digital marketing are three vastly different fields. We have made it our business to know Influencer strategy.

We also offer a consultancy service because sometimes brands and PR firms require something different. This also allows us to utilise our wider knowledge of the field to deliver the best results as an Influencer agency.

The field has grown year on year, with 80% of all B2C businesses now undertaking in at least some form of this type of marketing. From its initial burst into the field, social media influencer marketing has continued to grow exponentially over the years.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

92% of businesses that use an influencer agency say the ROI it offers is comparable, better, or much better than other marketing channels. (Influencer Hub)

The field could be worth $15 billion by the end of 2022. (Business Insider)

86% of those who watch online content have been influenced to buy a product or a service based on the recommendation of an Influencer. (Rakuten Advertising)

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