Colossal Influence – Exclusive Influencer Roster

Exclusive Influencer Roster – Colossal Influence

Above is our fantastic exclusive UK Influencer Roster. However, if there’s a campaign you have in mind that may not suit the above, please check our influencer consultancy service.

If you’d like the demographics for any of our creators from our influencer roster for an upcoming influencer campaign, reach out via our contact us page or on Twitter we will get back to you, usually in a matter of hours.

Also, if you’re not sure what demographics you should be targeting with influencer marketing, this is something we can help with. Influencer identification is crucial to any campaign. In fact, any specialist will tell you it’s the most crucial step. Some campaigns are doomed before they’ve even started and if a professional can see that then it could save you a lot of time and money. Reach out to us today and we can potentially offer you free advice could save your entire marketing strategy.

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