Ruby True – Sound Therapist and ASMR Creator

Ruby True is a brilliant Sound Therapist and ASMR creator who found the field through adversity and has risen to become one of the most respected creators in her field.

A qualified Yoga teacher and Thai Massage practitioner, Ruby found her home after starting as a gamer. Her previous experience as a wellness specialist held her in good stead, and as she picked up an audience. Ruby moved deeper into the field with more advanced sound therapy. Thankfully, with her expertise, it wasn’t long until Ruby developed a significant audience. This also led to her becoming one of only a handful of creators who has been given the prestigious role as a Twitch Ambassador.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how Ruby’s content, not only on Twitch, but on other social platforms develops in the coming months and years, and we’re sure that she’s just at the start of her huge journey as a creator.

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