Kavos Youtube – Leading Commentary Channel

If you’re a fan of Youtube, the likelihood is that Kavos needs no introduction. At just 23-years-old with little over five years of experience on Youtube, Kavos is undoubtedly one of the leading commentary channels. With over 170,000,000 video views in not even 170 uploads on Youtube and with a potential podcast imminent, 2021 will be his best year across all his social media platforms.

His views on the current state of the Youtube scene continue to divide opinion, but always gain attention. Consistently averaging well over 5% engagement, Kavos has a fantastic watch time per viewer, which ultimately increase his chances of viral success on every video he releases on Youtube.

Kavos has a huge US and UK majority on Youtube, which is great for brands who want to reach a western market. Due to the nature of his content, more progressive brands choose to work with him and have seen fantastic results.

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