Name some brands who use influencer marketing

If you’re looking to hit the right audience then there’s a form of influencer marketing out there that will work. So here you could find any names from the biggest brands in the world to your local artisan café. However, lets stick with the former and look at several brands who use influencer marketing.

Red Bull

Red Bull is well known for their clever use of influencer marketing as a way of encouraging brand loyalty. They understand that millennials make up a huge portion of the market and as a result have focused a lot on influencer marketing.

brands who use influencer marketing - red bull


A key part of Nike’s marketing strategy is to incorporate social influencers into its marketing campaigns. Most the time Nike continue to work with athletes, but they pair this beautifully with influencers to maximise reach.

The sportswear company works with a range of influencers on social media that represent the diverse groups that buy their products.


McDonalds has a long standing relationship with brand ambassadors and influencers alike. Most of their ad campaigns feature famous faces and some well known celebrities have been ambassadors for the company for years, which has evolved into the creator space. Although they initially had a limited social media engagement strategy, in recent years the company has worked hard to embrace it for direct communication with its customers and engagement with influencers, which has proven very successful.

Moet & Chandon

Using Instagram as a means to connect with customers and build brand awareness, Maison Moët & Chandon has quickly established itself as one of the most influential luxury beverage companies in the world. Their association with a number of high profile social media personalities has helped them to engage with and attract a new and younger (but still legal of course) customer base to their global brand.

Those are well established brands who have used influencer marketing to expand out as part of a wider campaign.

However, what three brands have used influencer marketing as their primary strategy to drive everything from awareness to sales?

ASOS – Influencer Marketing

ASOS is an online fashion retailer selling clothes and accessories for men and women around the world. As a brand they place heavy emphasis on digital marketing and social media. Many of their followers have purchased items from the store after seeing the outfit worn by their favourite influencer. As part of their marketing strategy ASOS started to work with influential social media users by inviting them to film a “30 day style challenge”. This featured a variety of different people wearing ASOS outfits throughout the month with videos shared across YouTube and Instagram.

Many might forget that in 2019, pre pandemic, ASOS’ profits fell by 87 percent. In that time they committed to spending more on digital advertising and influencer marketing. By focusing on reaching specific target markets and engaging with younger demographics they’ve managed to rebuild their brand and smash all previous goals.

To give you an indication, ASOS spent £201m from September 2020 to August 2021. marketing last year with digital accounting for £156m.

Manscaped – Influencer Marketing

A personal favourite of Colossal Influence, Manscaped crushed influencer marketing. In the world of male grooming products, they have managed to establish themselves as the go-to. This was via a marketing strategy that was heavily influencer focused. Leveraging niche influencers who specialised in facial hair care, they were able to hyper target fans. Then they pushed out to creators with heavy male demographics and laid down the foundations with their calculations that allowed influencers to give actionable ROI/CPA reports rather than just vanity metrics like reach.

There’s so many more companies that could be listed here, but for now, let’s leave it there. Above are just some of the brands who use influencer marketing.

If you’re reading this and you want to be one of them then make sure you reach out and contact colossal influence today.

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