Gifting Influencers – Is It Worth It?

By 2022, the influencer marketing industry is set to be worth $15 billion, so why do some continue to offer gifts instead of payment? Unfortunately, the issue is slightly more complex than it first seems. So, here we shall look gifting influencers in more detail.

Is gifting influencers, a universal problem?

It’s imperative, if you’re an influencer, that you don’t get drawn into longer term promises that start with a gifted product because very rarely do these materialise. Brands are sometimes seeking influencer outreach on the promise of a relationship that starts with a gift, but only in rare circumstances does it go beyond the first interaction or future gifts.

Sometimes Influencers Feel indebted to the brand

The ruling around gifting influencers is complex. If brands send you a gift and you don’t post about it then they’ll not send more. However, if you do post, and they haven’t told you to post, #gifted is suitable. If they tell you to post about it that can constitute an advert. That can cause real problems for influencers.

Many brands want too much

If Items are being sent to a blogger, then a #gifted blog post surrounding a bag might take 5 hours from research to writing, optimisation to publishing. If the unit cost value of the bag is £10 is that worth five hours of your time? Of course, let’s not forget the value of the influencer’s audience and reach as well.

Some brands tend to want a lot more than they’re offering. IG stories tend to be the norm for #gifted posts for video-based influencers. If the brands who are gifting are sending an item to a huge influencer who reaches 150,000 + with one IG story and they normally charge £3,000 for an IG promotion, then expecting a #gifted post when the value of the items might cost less than £50 doesn’t add up.

To abolish the obligation to post following a gift, an innovative approach and fairer system should be put in place. Payments for posts is really the only fair way that has transparent expectations and agreements. However, there are different solutions that can work from a brand an influencer side.

Brands should do better due diligence

A brand shouldn’t gift something to an influencer without doing some homework. A brand’s influencer strategy won’t fail if the influencer doesn’t post about the product. Specifically, it will fail due to poor research and planning and sending out gifted items to the wrong creators.

Ultimately, a brand should build a relationship with their chosen influencer to ensure values are aligned and the influencer becomes a true advocate.

There are ways #gifting can be done properly. If you want to find out more, please contact us today.

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