Why you should run long term influencer campaigns

These days, in marketing, far too many brands are just looking to get fast results with instant gratification, but rarely work on building long-term influencer marketing strategy. So why would you consider playing the long game when it comes to your influencer marketing strategy?

Brands have significantly increased their use of social media influencer marketing in the past few years alone. There is also 100% value to be had in short-term influencer strategy. However, are longer term partnerships more valuable? Studies have shown, when done correctly, longer term campaigns are better for the brand in terms of ROI than one-off efforts using influencer outreach.

Let’s consider some benefits of running long-term influencer campaigns:

Influencers move from promoters to true brand ambassadors

If you’re building a long-term influencer strategy, the relationship between you and your influencer/s is key. In that, taking the time to nurture it and ensuring you share the same values means it becomes less transactional and more of a genuine engagement. In this way, influencer marketing can stretch a digital campaign beyond simply grabbing for vanity engagement. As the connection grows deeper, the offering becomes more authentic.

Quality influencer marketing content can be more cost-effective than you think

Traditionally, a lengthy digital campaign can oftentimes come attached with a huge price tag.  Though influencer marketing requires time, brands of all budgets and sizes can use it to increase reach. What’s important is choosing the right creator in which to invest time and money. Here, you trust them to create quality content that your target audiences engage with. This is far more successful than traditional advertising as well as being more specific to your brand. PPC campaigns are rarely going to offer huge discounts for long-term booking, with the right influencer-strategy to increase job stability you just might find significant value from brand side.

User-generated content is powerful

User-generated content is a valuable way of engaging your target audience. Consumers trust what has been written about you by others, more so than what you say about yourself. So, adopting a long-term influencer campaign strategy will not only tap into this potential but will foster it.

A recent report by Media Kix detailed 8 pros and 2 cons to long term influencer marketing campaigns compared to 4 pros and 9 cons on a one-off deal when you directly compare them against one another. Now, that’s not to say one-off or short-term influencer campaigns offer poor value, but the circumstances must be right, and this will vary from influencer marketing campaign to influencer marketing campaign.

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