What does a Social Media Agent Do for Influencers?

There is no doubt that social media has become a powerful tool for promoting brands and products. As a result, the position of a social media creator is as strong as it has ever been, and as such the same can be said for their teams, including their social media agent. However, what can a social media agent do for an influencer?

The reality is that this is an open-ended question because the right social media agent can do almost everything.

What do they actually do though?

It’s imperative to understand what exactly a social media agent can do and what they will do if you’re an influencer taking one on. Finding the perfect social media agent who matches what you need is super important because theoretically, if they do enough work, not only could a social media agent or manager split the percentage of deals that they bring you, but they could also request a percentage of income from existing channels. It’s imperative you don’t opt for a service you don’t need.

At Colossal we’re an influencer agency, and not a Multi Channel Network (MCN) or a Social Media Manager, but we’re also not stupid. If the right opportunity exists and works for both us and the creator that we’re working with then we’ll find the right agreement.

So, here’s a short list of everything a social media agent, social media manager and an MCN can do for the right influencer:

Broker brand deals

Check contracts

Manage deadlines to ensure that everything is delivered on time and within budget

Invoice brands and micromanage payments

Email administration

Pitch to brands for the best deals

Find ways for you to make passive income

Manage social media platforms

Curate content to post from one platform to another (e.g. Instagram stories to a Snapchat story)

Design and content editing for social media

*Colossal Influence tend to offer all the points in bold but have worked on more and less depending on the type of deal with the influencer.

If you go further than this and look at a MCN you may also be able to find a company who can work on development, programming, booking collaborations, working on digital rights and creator funding.

social media agent
Photo by George Milton: https://www.pexels.com

What fees does a social media agency or social media manager charge?

So above we’ve really explored three separate job titles, a social media agency, a social media manager and an MCN.

On the most part with a social media manager, you’re basically paying for someone’s time and expertise to run your social media channels as an influencer under their guidance. Most will work on an hourly rate. They tend to oversee the points above in italics.

A social media agency like Colossal Influence will always do all the points above in bold. We will typically work on a % basis for the deals we broker for the influencers we work with. The right social media agent offering the correct services should not be charging you per hour. Our primary focus is to broker brand deals for social media so you can earn the highest rate possible.

An MCN will tend to work in some capacity on all the above. However, it often comes at a cost. Most MCNs require a percentage of your Google Adsense earnings, and some even require a fee.

If you’re still unsure, make sure you reach out to us on our contact page or if you’re an influencer who wants to apply then check out our influencers – work with us page.

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