Social Media Agent Colossal Influence picks up another notable title from industry peer

Yes, it’s a little conceited, but it’s exciting times at social media agent, Colossal Influence, as we’ve been named one of the 16 leading influencer talent agencies by Net Influencer.

Appearing alongside Night Media (who work with Mr. Beast) and INF who are one of the leading fashion and beauty is a real privilege for Colossal. In fact, we’re also just 1 of 2 UK influencer marketing agencies named by Karina Gandola.

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Some of you may remember that Colossal have already been named one of the top influencer agencies before. In fact, Influencer Marketing Hub named Colossal Influence one of the 15 leading talent agencies globally as well.

Industry recognition in any form is always great, but it’s even more special when it’s a complete surprise.

Net Influencer talk about our merch deal with Represent and our small pool of talent that we work with as the best reasons to think about joining Colossal as an influencer and we agree!

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Colossal Influence – Social Media Agent for Brand Deals

Net Influencer talk about the services we offer to help aid creator growth. However, our prominent service we offer social first creators is brand deals and creating the best branded content.

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We’ve been in touch with Net Influencer to thank them and hopefully we’ll set up an interview soon. Hopefully you’ll be able to see by following us on our socials below. We’d also like to thank both sites for their kind words about Colossal Influence!

Edit – Colossal Influence social media agent Kristian Sturt did take the opportunity to do a follow up interview with Net Influencer!

If you’re a creator or brand who wants to work with Colossal Influence, then please contact us today.

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