How hard is it to contact influencers as a brand?

Influencer marketing is a term that describes when brands pay social creators or influencers to promote online. This type of advertising has become increasingly popular in recent years, and now there are many agencies, like Colossal Influence (one of the leading influencer marketing agencies London) offering services to help businesses launch campaigns. However, isn’t this something a brand or a PR firm can micro-manage alone?

There’s a plethora of reasons why this isn’t the case, but one of the most overlooked reasons is influencer outreach. In this guide, we will explore it in more detail.

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing available today. The best influencers are those who have built a large following of loyal followers. As such, getting hold of them to speak about an opportunity isn’t as simple as you think.

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Influencer outreach is sometimes a numbers game

So many brands want to work with the right creators because there isn’t another form of marketing like it. Therefore, a lot of brands get overlooked, even when it might be ideal for the creator.

There’s a huge misconception in the business that influencers are desperate for brand deals. The reality is that this isn’t the case. In fact, most creators, and rightfully so, only work with brands that align with their beliefs and offer something of value. Therefore, getting hold of them isn’t as easy as dropping them an email or an Instagram DM.

Be subtle with your approach to social media influencers

The most important thing you can do to contact the right social media influencer is to be thorough with your approach without being invasive. Drop messages where possible and maybe a single follow up, but if you’ve tried all avenues then do not badger. Never contact friends or people they follow on social media either. This is a huge red flag.

Cold outreaches rarely work – build relationships with influencers

You should try and build relationships with influencers you may want to work with by following and commenting. If you comment on their posts, they will see you as a real person who cares about what they say. Cold outreaches in influencer marketing very rarely work, just like other industries.

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If your brand has limited experience in influencer marketing, the chances you’re even reaching out to the right influencers are slim. Speak to a real, long standing influencer marketing agency like Colossal Influence that can help with identification and outreach. These are two of the most important parts of influencer marketing.

Colossal Influence have a wonderful exclusive influencer roster, but beyond that we’ve worked with just about every agent/agency and sizeable creator in the UK.

Why not speak to us to see if we can help with your influencer marketing campaign today.

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