What talent agency should I choose as a creator – from a talent Agency London to acting agents in Scotland.

So, you’ve landed on the Colossal Influence website for Influencer Marketing representation, but are you even in the right place? What type of talent agency London should you choose? From talent agents in London to modelling and acting agents in Scotland, who should you look to represent you?

A talent agent or talent agencies are a catchall term for businesses that represent actors, musicians, dancers, models, social media creators and a plethora of other fields. They provide their clients with representation, advice, and guidance on how to improve their craft. Most importantly they allow them to get on with the development of their talent while the talent agent handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes bits.

Talent agency London – a tough choice for creators

There are more than 1,000 talent agencies in the United Kingdom, so finding the right one can be daunting, but the most important place to start is to find what type of agency you’re looking to work with, and as such you’ll narrow your list down significantly.

Colossal Influence receive daily emails from actors without any social media profiles looking for influencer representation for us to get them their next big acting role. That’s just not what we offer. It’d be like going to a travel agent and asking them to find your next home. A travel agent and an estate agent are linked by the term ‘agent’, but that’s it. They cover two very different things and it’s the same with an acting agent and an influencer agent.

talent agents London

Where it can get confusing is that there tends to be a lot of cross over. For example, at Colossal Influence we’ve booked influencers into acting roles, but it’s not our primary focus. Your agent should focus on your primary goal. Brand deals? An Influencer Talent Agent can help. Acting roles? Look for an acting agent.

Other types of talent agency

The list here, might be where you need to look, but note that it won’t be their sole focus. For example, Creative Artists Agency are expanding into new fields, but potentially at one point they were most well known for representing sports stars.

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME) have three focuses as a; music agency, voiceover agents and comedy agents.

United Agents (UA) tend to work as an acting agency, but also work with authors and writers.

Those are three examples of some of the biggest agencies in the world. They may not suit what you’re looking for in terms of size, but they’ll give you an indication of where you should look.

Finding the right type of agency is imperative before reaching out to them for two reasons; one, you’ll be wasting your time, and two, if you apply to ten agencies and eight of them aren’t offering the services you require you may not receive replies from them detailing that. That can be disheartening.

As always, at Colossal Influence we will try our best to help you as a leading talent agents in London. If you’re unsure, reach out and contact us today. Even if you’re not suitable for us specifically hopefully we can guide you in the right direction.

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