Brand Awareness in Influencer Strategy

In short, Influencer marketing is when brands pay creators to promote products on social media. It’s been proven time and time again to be an effective way for a large majority of companies to reach new audiences. When carried out as part of an influencer strategy, brand awareness promotion can offer great value, but why?

Brand awareness campaigns in influencer marketing are becoming more popular. In this short guide we will explore why.

influencer strategy brand awareness

Why are brand awareness marketing campaigns important?

Have you ever wondered why market leaders run ‘generic’ advertisements that don’t include offers? Brand awareness is more than likely answer. If I ask you to name a cola flavoured drink, 99% of people will say Coca Cola. Therefore, one could theorise running ads for that brand is pointless, but those ads are likely the reason 99% of people gave you that answer.

Brand Awareness in Influencer Strategy

You’ll often see brand awareness campaigns in influencer marketing being ran by ‘mega influencers’ or celebrities. Those with the biggest of audiences whose one IG story or Tik Tok will reach the maximum number of people in the shortest space of time.

Influencer marketing for brand awareness has become increasingly popular among corporations. It has been proven to be cost effective, and one can get a huge reach quickly.

One of the best things about brand awareness campaigns in influencer marketing is that brands can reach their perfect demographic. This comes down to simple mathematics, which can make the right influencer marketing campaign perfect.

Data tells us that the average person who eats at McDonald’s in the US is: female and between 41 & 56. So, if McDonalds want to run a brand awareness campaign on Instagram, then working with a ‘foodie’ influencer with those demos is just what they need. You’re going to struggle to get that sort of hyper targeting anywhere else.

At Colossal Influence, we think that brand awareness in influencer marketing is one part of a three-part funnel because of the results we’ve seen. For more information and to find out the other two parts check back on our site. Alternatively, contact us today to find out more.

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