The Importance of finding the right influencer management agency as an influencer

A career as a social media creator or an influencer requires a lot of hard work, dedication, skill and let’s face it, like in any industry, a little bit of luck. However, finding the right influencer management agency can mean all the difference between success and failure.

Here’s how to find the best influencer management agency for you

Sure, you’re reading this on Colossal Influence, and if you think we’re ideal for you then please reach out, but it’s imperative you find the right agent / agency.

In fact, Colossal Influence ‘reject’ dozens of creators every month not because they’re not great, but because they’re not the right influencer for our agency. Not that long ago we had a huge South Korean social media star reach out to us, but their demographics were mostly Asian and we just don’t have the specialist knowledge to give that creator the best chance of success with their brand work. So we drafted an email telling them to seek an agency more local to them so they know the right brands to work with.

If you’re a creator, then a great way to find the right talent agent is to ask your peers. You can also do the leg work and search online for “talent agencies” and see what comes up and reach out to companies you feel work for you. If you’re unsure, contact us – and even if we don’t think we’re your perfect fit we might be able to help point you in the right direction.

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Know what to look for when choosing an influencer management agency

At Colossal, we’ve often had some strong opinions on talent agencies in the space. It’s our belief that it should a) never cost you a penny to sign with an agency and b) you should never have to give up a percentage of your existing channels to sign a standard talent agency agreement in the influencer space.

Unfortunately, not everybody agrees. Also, just to note, for other types of agents/agencies point A is a little different.

With any agency though, make sure you fully understand the terms of your contract. It’s important to read through the entire agreement carefully, but also to get a legal professional. This will cost, but it’s an investment in your future.

Understand what makes a good talent agency

A good talent agency or agent shouldn’t just be looking for brand deals for you. They should be there to offer guidance and support when needed. If you find yourself struggling, then the likelihood is that an experienced talent agent has dealt with a similar situation before and so they should be able to help.

Find out which type of agency you need

There are several different kinds of talent agencies from which to choose. Colossal Influence are an influencer talent agency. If you’re a social creator looking for brand deals, then we’re the perfect match. However, we’re not the only type of agency & different agencies cover different fields. Here are the main three types of agencies:

• Agency – An agency represents actors, models, singers, dancers, and other performers. These agencies typically charge a percentage of the fee paid by the client.

• Management company – A management company manages the careers of artists, often providing them with financial assistance. It helps clients develop their skills and build a portfolio of work.

Casting agency – A casting agency finds new clients and works with established ones to cast projects. They usually charge a flat rate per project.

If you’re an actor or a dancer or a singer looking to break into mainstream media the chances are any influencer management agency are not for you, but it’s imperative you get the right type of agency. Hopefully the above can help.

For more info about talent agencies or how Colossal can help you please reach out and contact us.

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