Why do such a high percentage of Youtubers fail?

The Main Reason Youtubers Fail – Tik Tok – The Influencer Marketing Guy – Video Captions

The main reason why 95% of Youtubers fail is because they don’t have the passion and the drive for content creation. So many times you’ll see people create a Youtube channel with the sole intention of gaining from it financially. Yes, social media can be an extremely lucrative job at the top end.

When it boils down to it the majority of Youtubers that are successful today would create if they were being paid £0 for it. At one point they were being paid £0 for it. They created and they continued creating through that time when they were gaining essentially nothing from content creation.

If your passion and love for content creation isn’t the main reason that you started to create content then the chances are, you will fail.

Other Reasons So Many Youtubers Fail

Of course, this isn’t the sole reason that so many Youtubers give up, but in our opinion it’s the main one. Also, while you’re here, make sure you check out our Youtube page – The Influencer Marketing Guy.

YouTube is a very competitive platform with millions of creators all vying for attention. To stand out, you need to have something unique – something that will make people want to watch your videos over all the others.

If you want to make it as a YouTuber, you have to be passionate about your content and your channel. You need to be constantly creating new and interesting content that people will want to watch. You also need to be promoting your channel and getting people to subscribe. If you are not doing these things, then your channel will quickly become stale and people will stop watching.

Many previously successful Youtubers do not move with the times. Evolve or die. Sticking within your content niche, but moving to evolve your content strand is imperative.

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